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Lipid interaction of the T cell receptor complex

V 538 Richter Programme; Eva Sevcsik , IAP, TU Wien


Nana-analytics of cellular systems (NanoCell)

FWF graduate college; coordinator Peter Hinterdorfer,Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU)


Effect of palmitoylation in early T cell signaling

FWF Stand-alone project, Florian Baumgart, Vienna University of Technology


Transmembrane Transporters in Health and Disease

Subunit stoichiometry and supermolecular organization of transmembrane transporters

FWF-SFB; coordinator Harald Sitte, Medical University of Vienna


In Vivo Nanopatterning of Membrane Proteins

FWF Stand-alone project; collaboration with Iris Bergmair, Profactor GmbH Steyr, Austria


Single Molecule Platform for Protein Interaction Analysis

FWF Stand-alone project, collaboration with Stefan Howorka, CBL GmbH Linz, Austria


StarPATT – Micropatterning-based protein-protein-interaction detection platform

FFG Bridge; collaboration with Julian Weghuber, Fachhochschule Wels, Austria, and with EVG


Mechanical Forces in T-Cell Antigen Recognition

WWTF Life Science Call 2013; collaboration with Johannes Huppa, Medical University of Vienna


From organismic to biomolecular interactions: Visualizing signaling complexes in the fungal membrane during phytopathogenic attack

WWTF Life Science Call 2013; collaboration with Susanne Zeilinger, Vienna University of Technology


MEIBio: Molecular and Elemental Imaging in Biosciences

TU Vienna; coordinator Martina Marchetti-Deschmann




FFG Nano Initiative; coordinator: Profactor GmbH Steyr, Austria