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Eva Sevcsik


Phone: +43 - (0)1 - 58801 - 134896


My research focuses on unravelling the connection between plasma membrane organization and functionality. I use single molecule microscopy techniques in combination with micro- and nanostructured surfaces serving as substrates for cell attachment. Such surfaces allow for interfering with the spatial organization of proteins in live cells, making them singularly effective tools to manipulate and probe membrane-associated cellular processes. Thus, part of my work is devoted to the development and application of micro- and nanostructured surfaces for manipulating the spatial organization of proteins in live cells. I use these surfaces to extract information about the fundamental elements of plasma membrane organization and function, with a specific interest in the role of lipids and the actin cytoskeleton in plasma membrane organization in general and during T cell activation in particular.


Eva is a member of the BIOINTERFACE network at TU Wien. For more information: BIOINTERFACE


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